Beautiful Bed and Breakfast in Cluny, France

Auberge Le clos de l’abbaye
Cluny, Burgundy, France

Sometimes in your life you come across real gems at very unexpected moments. After a long day of traveling (while on holiday in France) my partner and I ended up in a town called Cluny. Once we found out that most of the hotels and B and B’s were fully booked we didn’t really know what to do.

We decided to walk around town to see if we would find somewhere to stay and we found a small sign on a big door in the outside wall of the Abbey that said ‘Chambre d’hote’. We knocked on the door and a moment later were warmly welcomed into the most incredible and beautiful bed and breakfast I’d ever seen. A just freshly renovated mansion within the abbey walls – and totally filled with vintage and junkmarket finds, reupholstered chairs, combined with colourful modern Ikea bathrooms, curtains and bedlinen.

I kept on walking around like Alice in Wonderland and I think the B&B lady must have thought I was the best guest ever. She told me that apart from running the B and B she also had a workshop in the house in which she did up old furniture. On the weekend she and her husband were junkmarket fanatics and the B and B seemed like the ideal place to display all the found treasures! I thought she was such a cool lady – and from now on I know what I want in life: a B and B and a furniture workshop (ideally in France 😉

If you’re ever in the area…
Le CLos de l’Abbaye
Claire et Pascal BOUVROT-LARDY
6 Place du marché – 71250 CLUNY
Tél : 06 25 45 30 95 – 03 85 59 22 06

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