Marrakesh. For an overdose of inspiration, beauty and colour.

Last year I visited Marrakesh with friends and if you’re ever looking for an ideal shopping experience…go here! Fabrics, lanterns, leather bags, herbs and spices, jewelry, you name it – it’s there in abundance and if you’re good at haggling you have a ball. I bought lots of fabric – I had just started an upholstery class which I didn’t finish in the end but that’s a different story – and by the end of the week my eyes were hurting looking at all those colours, non-stop. I came home with six throws (how many throws does a girl need?!?)…

A very nice blog about all things Marrakesh-y is My Marrakesh, with great photos and tips for food, decor and yes, fabrics.

The photos on here are my own.

This guy is smiling because I have just bought three large pieces of fabric from him… (after haggling for 30 minutes…..)

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