Flea market and carboot sale finds

With my blog I am trying to promote ‘junking up your home’ with weird and wonderful finds, so I decided to share a few pictures of some of my own junk with you today…. These pictures are of my fire place in the lounge (an ideal place to display little treasures).

On Sundays there’s always a carboot sale in Inverurie, a town near to where I live in Scotland, and I once found these two heavy weight silver candle holders for the grand total of £2 and was a very happy girl.

The yellow and green things hanging from it are decorative key rings from Marrakech. I bought loads of them last year while on holiday and they spice up any door or drawer handle (or candle holder!). The very ornate frame is a big round mirror hanging above our fire place. We got it from an antique/junk shop in Sauchen, Aberdeenshire.

The old, battered 1920s wooden box decorated with Japanese illustrations I recently found for £1 in a bargain box in an antiques shop in Cowbridge, South Wales. My partner’s parents thought I was mad buying something that was already broken but I just smiled and decided not to try to explain it…

The eastern european (or middle-eastern?) decorative copper mini-karaf – or oil pot, whatever – has been in my family for a long time. This sounds like it’s a real family piece and extremely important but it’s not worth much if anything at all and the truth is, I just like the Aladin-like style of it!

The two tea lights I once found in a nice home decor shop next to Harrods in London (and it was the only thing I could afford ;-).

By the way, the fire surround used to be ugly dark brown but my dad suggested painting it in glossy black and that was great advice! (I will post a before-and-after shot of this soon)

3 thoughts on “Flea market and carboot sale finds

  1. I love little treasures like that. How much more fun to say ‘I got it at a carboot sale in Inverurie’ than ‘I got it at Wal-Mart.’ (Especially since Inverurie sounds so exotic to an American.)


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