Before and after shots of our house interior

Dining room / kitchen




After (with steel handles, tile paint, retro tile stickers and a stick-on blackboard). Still the same kitchen, but we can live with it for now!

It was all very yellow – walls, curtains, tiles, kitchen – when we first moved in and that combined with dark stained wooden windows and doors was just not our cup of tea! Not surprisingly we also got rid of those silly lights dangling oddly from the ceiling (how naff is that?). We initially wanted to get a new kitchen straight away, but with a whole house that needed updating, we decided to wait and just spice it up a little for the time being.

Anyway, I came up with a steel blue/grey colour scheme which works quite well with the colour of the kitchen units. The wooden door knobs were replaced by brushed steel ones. The sticky vinyl flooring in 1980s pattern was swapped for slate-grey laminate. The pendant lights above the table are from Kartell and are the only thing fancy and expensive in this room! The farmhouse chairs came from my parents, the Danish 1960s ones are vintage G-plan chairs (got them for free off Freecycle). The table is made by my dad.

Living room

I also promised to show a before & after of our fire place which was just not looking that great when we first moved in. We wanted to rip the whole thing out and replace it, but my dad suggested painting it in glossy black. We also had the walls and ceiling replastered, the floor boards sanded and varnished and we painted the windows white. The result is quite dramatic, especially with the red wall. Sometimes it all feels a bit too red and overwhelming though, so I may try a different colour on the wall again in the future. But for now, it works.

Before (with my Glenn who seems quite happy about the idea of ripping the ugly fire place out – and everything else)



4 thoughts on “Before and after shots of our house interior

  1. I was just reading the comments from D*S and wanted to let you know about the stool we have in common. We have this annual 4-state long event called “The World’s Longest Yard Sale” and unfortunately we have missed it the last couple years, but the table was bought at a yard sale in Georgia. There were actually 2, but because we debated if it was a stool (classified as a chair according to my boyfriend, who was really tired of me brining chairs home) or a side table AND one of them was in rough shape, so we only bought the one. I love the idea behind your blog, we have really tried to make each piece in our house unique and almost a souvenir of our road adventures. I worked for a store called Pottery Barn for several years and it was too easy for people to walk in the shop and say “I want my house to look like page such-n-such” from the company’s catalog.


  2. fantastic post! love the before and after. what fun you are having with the remodeling. I will soon be doing so myself very soon.thanks for following me. I am excited to follow you on your blog. I see you live in aberdeen. my favorite city! I visit yearly to visit family. they live just outside of aberdeen in blackwells, alford, and tough. callie


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