Before & after: mini walk-in-wardrobe

I am incredibly proud of my most recent achievement: building a walk-in-wardrobe!! Well, it is more like a cupboard, you can’t really walk into it – you can just set one step and that’s it – but still! I am proud and I want to share it. It took many tubs of polyfilla and sandpaper, sore arm muscles from wall papering and hanging shelves (straight!) and of course a lot of sweat and swearing. Glenn thought I had gone mad, wanting to transform an old dusty cupboard into a luxury retreat in the space of about 24 hours – but I did it.

The cupboard after taking everything out. It needed a piece of new plasterboard and just loads of polyfilla to smooth over bumps and cracks. I then painted the floor boards and the rest of the woodwork inside white.

On the back wall I put gold wall paper with floral pattern (Jonelle); on the right wall you see dark blue paper with gold and silver trees (B&Q). The tree paper was great as you only had to paste the glue on to the wall and not the paper which made the job a lot easier. The gold paper was an absolute nightmare…quite thick and heavy and hard to get smooth against a sloping roof…. (that’s where the sweating and swearing came in)


11 thoughts on “Before & after: mini walk-in-wardrobe

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