I am an art collector!

‘Speicher’, oil on canvas, Eberhard Ross

I never thought I could feel so overwhelmed by a piece of art that I couldn’t stop myself from digging deep in my purse and spending all my money on it. But I did…and here it is. I can’t believe I did it! But I just love the Rothko-like feel to it and the warmth of the orange and red. It is by a German artist called Eberhard Ross and I am glad I discovered his work, because he just makes the most wonderful, almost meditative paintings. And I now own one of them!

4 thoughts on “I am an art collector!

  1. Lovely.

    The May issue of Elle Decor had a cool big piece of red art that reminded me of yours. Couldn’t find it online but it’s on page 122. Artist is Aureo Del Vecchio.

    I’m still hacking art. Maybe one day I’ll buy the real deal.


  2. Hi Nina. Just found your blog! Lurv it and am now following it. One sad thing – some of your older photos are not showing up and I am DYING to see them. Is it too much to ask for you to repost them…?? Or perhaps point me to where I can see them, whichever is easiest for you.



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