Gypsy style home decor

I have always been strangely attracted by the gypsy lifestyle. The old-style caravans, the women with their long skirts, black hair, big earrings, the mysterious eyes. And the music. Whenever I hear a violin or accordeon playing gypsy music, I am touched by it. Even in the middle of a busy shopping street I will stop and listen. I don’t know what it is, but it feels familiar, as if I’m somehow connected. Who knows… Maybe I’m just a romantic with a love for history and traveling.

Anyway, back to interiors & junk! 😉 As I’m traveling myself this weekend, not in a caravan but by plane and high-speed train to the Netherlands (I know, VERY gypsy-like, eh?), I thought I share some travel-themed ideas with you. I came across a nice blog ( and found some inspiring images around the ‘gyspy’ theme.

Jeanne Bayol

I love folkloric, bazaar-like interiors and the work of French designer Jeanne Bayol just makes me smile. Jeanne shares my fascination with the gypsy lifestyle and passionately restores and sells all kinds of gypsy caravans in The Provence. You can order your own one on

For some great ‘gyspy’-like music that makes you instantly happy, go and download some tunes from 17Hippies or Orkestra del Sol.


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