Shall I paint my kitchen cupboards?

Our kitchen at present

Last year I posted a before-and-after of our kitchen, when we changed the walls, the floor and the handles to update the look of our maple wooden country-style units. It’s fine the way it is really, but the kitchen is still not our taste. We would go for a contemporary look, rip it all out and start again, but at the same time, the kitchen is of good quality and made of solid wood, so it doesn’t make sense to replace it with something that may be modern in style but made with mdf (unless you spend looooads of dosh). So. I’m thinking of painting it. What do you think? Good idea? Or daunting prospect…?

It’s probably wise to read up on it and search on Youtube for some How-To videos, as the last thing you want is to make a mess of it…! I do love the look of those white cupboards or even soft grey. And we’ve got the handles already. And a lovely big cooker. We would replace the worktops too, perhaps real stone or wood – depending what colour paint we’d go for (and price!). And perhaps add a kitchen island to increase our ‘chopping space’.

If any of you has experience with this, please share it! Keen to hear your thoughts.

Emily Walker’s home,

One thought on “Shall I paint my kitchen cupboards?

  1. I love the idea of painting them. I am all for using what you have to keep cost down and go for what you really want (stone tops and a great cooker and sink/faucet)
    The idea of a grey is perfect!! gives it a modern take but is a shift from white. (grey is really fresh and could be a moody colour, my entire house is painted in shades of grey and I love it)
    I know that Liz from Violet Posy painted her kitchen cabinets and she has a how to on her site.
    Can't wait to see your kitchen when your done


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