Winter is coming, time to stock up on woollen blankets and cozy rugs

Leafs are falling, wind is blowing, frost will soon be here. I’ve just pulled my winter coat out of the wardrobe again, as that little denim jacket unfortunately is not keeping me warm anymore. That said, I could actually do with a long raincoat  and wind-proof umbrella just now, looking at the weather outside. Yep, this is Scotland, dear people, which means no “Indian Summers” here, although the trees are starting to change colour beautifully now.

I thought I do a post on things to keep us warm in the next couple of months. At home we have decided that priority number will better insulate the house. Last year it was so cold, with drafts coming at us from all corners. Hopefully with some insulation in the attic, eaves, under the floor and in all the “nooks and crannies” (to use a Scottish phrase), we’ll be nice and snug throughout Winter and save some on the electricity bill as well.

John Lewis Alegra Throw, Multi

As attic insulation material is not that inspiring to shop for, I am also going to look for some warm blankets this Season and I spotted some very colourful bedspreads at John Lewis, which would warm up any cold room. Looks like I’m not the only one who likes them, as they’re out of stock on their website already!

I love all the stuff in the Anthropologie online shop, including their bedding. They say on their site that their customers are drawn to their “innovation, artfulness and good design, (…) soulfulness and sincerity”. I could definitely say that is true in my case.

I also found this lovely chunky knitted blanket for sale at Dwell. I know I said ‘ban beige’ but this one’s allowed into my house 😉

Close to home (50 miles to be precise) I came across some cozy blankets at the Johnstons of Elgin store, who have been producing beautiful knitwear “from the most luxurious wools”, as they say on their website, since 1797. Never been there, but I’ll definitely pop in there sometime soon, quickly walking past Johnstons’ traditional tartans, straight to the blankets pictured which are made of lambswool (left) and cashmere (right).

Cozy Scottish blankets from Johnstons of Elgin

twosome blanket

If you rather not snuggle up on your own, I have found just the thing for you: the Twosome Blanket, or “knitted romance”, by Icelandic designer Vík Prjónsdóttir, who also sells some peculiar bearded hats and seal pelts for humans. Amazing what creative Winter solutions you come up with when you’re from Iceland!

Recycled blanket rug by Tejo Remy and Rene VeenHuizen

I know this would probably blow anyone’s budget, but I found it such a cool idea, I needed to share it with you! Dutch designers Tejo Remy and Rene VeenHuizen made this rug out of recycled blankets. Isn’t it beautiful?

All this actually reminded me of a blog post I did a long time ago, about how you could make old shawls into a bedspread. If that’s too big a job for you (it’s probably for me!), maybe start with a simple cushion cover instead, combining two scarfs. Good job for those rainy nights in.

4 thoughts on “Winter is coming, time to stock up on woollen blankets and cozy rugs

  1. love anthropologie but always so expensive, that John Lewis quilt looks a perfect match.
    I am excited that winter is coming. Our weather is in aline with Aberdeen weather:)

    I am hoping to get to Aberdeen next spring to visit family again, I can't wait!!
    happy you are blogging again, welcome back!!

  2. Yes, Anthropologie are quite pricey unfortunately…just so pretty to look at!

    I am not yet that excited about Winter coming I must admit…I can't help thinking about the endless mornings defrosting my car or trying to keep the car on the road in icy conditions…Snow looks pretty, but we had it for almost 5 months last year which was unusual and tiresome!

    We did shop for a warm goose down duvet yesterday though, which will be nice and cozy. Now trying to find some new duvet covers, but I didn't know that in the cotton industry so much child labour and use of pesticides goes on – shocking. Need to make more effort to source fair-trade/organic cotton.

    Anyway, I'm losing track! Thanks for your comment x

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