How to make garden lights out of tin cans

I came across this idea on Recicla e decora, a Brazilian blog, and thought it was great. The site luckily had the link to an English website as well, as my Portuguese is not that fluent… The Brazilian blog is worth checking out though, if only for some cool photos of recycling ideas.

Anyway, where was I. Yes, making garden lights out of tin cans. Now at this time of year Scottish nights ‘al-fresco’ are not particularly cozy, so I’d probably use the lights inside, but I’m sure they look awesome outdoors too. For the full how-to – in English – look at this article by Michelle Gervais.

4 thoughts on “How to make garden lights out of tin cans

  1. very cool idea! These would be a great craft idea to work on with my nieces for Christmas gifts for their mum and mema. Love the leaf patterns
    I will have to check out this site


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