Recycling vintage maps into notebooks, cufflinks and lampshades

What do you do with maps when they’re worn, torn or out of date? Plenty of inspiration can be found on Etsy. I love Etsy and have bought many beautiful hand-made jewelry on there as well as a super cool guitar strap made out of an old tie. Why buy from the high street when you can buy from creative individuals around the globe making beautiful items just for you? Often items arrive with personal thank you cards and wrapped as gifts and you almost feel as if you’ve made a new friend somewhere in the world.

MrYen‘s notebook on Etsy

Today Etsy featured this gorgeous notebook made out of recycled maps and it’s just beautiful. It really makes you want to start doing some serious travel-writing.

Cufflinks by WhiteDoveJewelry on Etsy

Vintage maps also have something romantic and poetic about them, don’t you think? The fact that someone has used them to travel somewhere, the history of this person and the places on the map, the story of the journey.

I bought my husband a set of custom-made cufflinks for Christmas last year, with on one a map of where we met (The Hague) and on the other a map of where we were getting married (Greece). He wore them on our wedding last May.

Envelopes by PaperRoute

For those of you who still write real letters and have not gone totally digital, there’s also a great set of envelopes made from maps.

Bunting by MonkeyPuzzle

Or what about some vintage map bunting?

Coasters by Susweedesigns

I could go on and on (is it me or does Etsy just seem to get bigger everyday?), but to finish it off… some coasters and a lovely set of wooden bowls.

Bowls by YanniCreations

Make your own lampshade!

Now to get those creative juices flowing… how to make a lampshade out of a vintage map! Chez Larsson has a great how-to on her blog.

You could start selling them on Etsy of course, but if you are going to give them away as a present, at least make sure they are offered in a matching gift bag! Have fun!  DIY gift bags

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