Inspiration from Japan…cups, bowls, fabric and a kimono flea market!


Karaku Pottery
Aaaah! Look at this! Shopping heaven! A shop called Kanzando in Kyoto. Image:
A country I have never been to but is high on my wish list is Japan. I heard so many good things about it and the aesthetics are amazing. I just love the absolute beauty of Japanese ceramics such as the ones pictured from Karaku Pottery in Tokyo. They also have a shop on etsy and ship internationally (yay!). 
And what about this delicate chop stick set from Wasabi World… not that I’d be using it daily, but isn’t it pretty?
Image: Wasabi World

I also adore vintage kimono fabrics, which I discovered are for sale on eBay for very reasonable prices. Perfect for cushion covers or other small projects – or to upholster an old chair with, like Anna Troupe did.
The best discovery I made however was the website of Ichiroya, or the Kimono Flea Market. A Japanese flea market!!?? Man, that sounds like serious heaven to me. I must go. I think our next holiday destination needs to be Japan. 
Do check out the Ichiroya website by the way, as it’s charming (as is their newsletter ).
Upholstery in vintage kimono fabric by Anna Troupe

Kimono fabric buttons! Image:
Image: Fluffbuff 

Image: Ichiroya

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