Painted portraits are forever

Ever seen ‘artworks’ in department stores? Mass produced prints and ornaments, without any personality and emotion? I guess some people just want something to match their curtains, but there’s so much beautiful, affordable art available so why not give your home a little bit more personality?

I just received this portrait of me and my husband tonight:

I’ve been fortunate to have a talented painter as a colleague, who offered me to paint a portrait of me and my hubby – as a wedding present to us. It’s based on one of our wedding photos and I absolutely LOVE it. I am so pleased with it that I will do a bit of word-of-mouth promotion for her in return for this amazing gift: go and visit Fiona is happy to work from photographs and ship overseas – and she’s got a special Christmas offer on just now! Prices start from £95 ($150) for A4 size. Go on, treat yourself and your walls 😉

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