Dramatic colour schemes for moody living rooms

I love browsing the web looking for inspiration and I am always drawn to bold, dramatic colours chemes. I would like redecorating to be easy as 1-2-3 but so far my lounge hasn’t changed colour since 2007. Maybe this year? We shall see.

Here are some pictures that have inspired me to at least start dreaming about it…hope they inspire you too.

I love the moody grey wall in this one, combined with the purple and mustard yellow. (via carolinaeclectic.blogspot.com)

The steel blue and yellow details give this room a nice modern feel (via Houzz)

More happy than moody, I really like the feel of this living room. Great combination of retro furniture and bright colours. And hey, great purpose of a granny blanket too! 🙂 (via Houzz)

Wow. These are BOLD colours. I don’t think anyone could be moody in this room. Wonderful mix of fabrics. (via Houzz)

This is a seriously moody room. Love the dark blue velvet on the chair. (via Houzz)

And this is…my own livingroom! Quite a bold colour scheme as well. I do still like the spicy red colour of the wall in combination with the glossy black fire place, baroque mirror and the orange lamp, especially at night when it makes to room feel very cozy. Maybe I will leave it for another year…

Do you have a feature wall or bold colour scheme in your house or great example on your own blog? Please share in the comments section. I’d love to see more inspirational photos. Nina x

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