Design line-up: lamps and pendants

I love Danish design and this lamp, called the IQ Light, is one of my all-time favourites, especially when lit at night. The one pictured below is a replica and sold on eBay.

Another mid-century cracker from Denmark (from
I also love Moroccan lanterns and pendants that create such a lovely diffused light. This one is from Haysom lighting.
This one is a cheapy from B&Q, that we’ve got hanging in our hall way. Got a nice retro feel to it!

This pendant light is great for its simplicity and elegance and would go in any interior really (and I’d love it to in mine!). You can get it on eBay.
This pendant light with aluminium casting is reminiscent of the successful industrial era of the 60’s. I love it! Wouldn’t it look great in a pair above the kitchen table? It is available from Garden Trading.
Fabulous warm orange light coming from this retro beauty (found on eBay):

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