Restyled, re-worked, updated and saved from the trash: vintage sideboards

I love sideboards from the 1950s and 60s. Sleek, timeless and very stylish. They are often great as they are, given some TLC and a dash of Danish oil, but are sometimes even better with some creative adjustments. Caroline Key owns Trash Furnishing in Edinburgh and creates a unique collection of bespoke up-cycled furniture. She restores and re-works furniture and brings the pieces up-to-date with stencils or some paint. I love the way she turns a simple cupboard into something totally unique.


Another company who does this sort of work is a little bit further away from where I live, but anyone reading this living in Australia is lucky. These sleek and funky sideboards are restyled and sold by Retromodern in Adelaide. Totally customisable to your taste and very cool looking.



Have you ever saved a sideboard or other piece of furniture from the trash and restyled it?

4 thoughts on “Restyled, re-worked, updated and saved from the trash: vintage sideboards

  1. yes, my dining room chairs. They had 5 different layers of fabric on them. I re-upholstered them, added new padding and painted them shiny black.

    Love those side boards, perfect for a guest room to have a mini bar/coffee & tea bar.

  2. Sounds lovely! Are they on your blog?

    I am working on reupholstering a chair today (the £12 auction bargain featured in a previous post). Just finished covering the seat in gorgeous Marimekko fabric. Now hopefully it stops snowing (yes, snowing again!) so I can finish stripping the ugly varnish off, outside. It's a nice thing to do don't you think, doing up furniture? It feels good to save something from being chucked away.

    Thanks for commenting! x

  3. When we first moved into our current flat i said to my partner 'i'd love to have a wooden ottoman with a blue fabric lid' and pretty soon we found one that had been left in the street. We've not restyled it although one day we may change the fabric…

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