Work-in-progress: my £12 chair goes Marimekko

I originally wanted to wait until I completely finished redoing this chair so I could show you the before and after-shots, but I just can’t help myself… I’m too impatient! Here’s the in-between-shot instead after I finished reupholstering the seat yesterday with gorgeous Marimekko fabric.



Last weekend I started stripping the wooden frame out in the garden, but it’s been pretty wet and snowy the past few days and I’d rather not do this messy job indoors…! I was pleasantly surprised how beautiful the wood turned out once I took off the glossy mahogany coloured varnish. Seems it’s a light maple frame with darker teak wooden arm rests. It’s gonna be a stunner when I’m done 🙂


2 thoughts on “Work-in-progress: my £12 chair goes Marimekko

  1. Thank you! Have worked a bit more on the stripping last weekend, but it's quite a job with those narrow spindles… I am aiming for the end of the month to have it finished…!! Fabric is working well with the style of the chair I think. Got heaps left too..

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