Treasure hunting at lunchtime: one enamel teapot and two vintage spice jars


People kept on telling me about this place but I never got around to visit… The Box Room in Banchory, Aberdeenshire. Yesterday lunchtime I finally had time to pop down and have a look. My oh my, what a great spot for treasure hunting! Hidden away on a small industrial estate and packed full of second-hand furniture and just…well, stuff. Chairs, tables, cupboards, bed frames, mirrors and lots of cups, vases, decorative things and of course your fair share of hideous kitsch-y pictures. Cheap too, that was the best bit! £10 for a chair, £20 for a table. Not all great pieces, but there are some real gems with potential. I feel I should really keep this little secret to myself and not shout it from the roof tops but most of you live far enough away not to all of a sudden raid the place, haha 😉

I will definitely be checking here for furniture once I’m ready for my next DIY project, but yesterday I was a good girl and only came home with one lovely blue enamel teapot and two cute mustard yellow spice jars… Had to be strict! “No, Nina, you can’t have that chair – you gotta finish your other one first!!” Can’t wait to go back though, they told me they get new stuff everyday…

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