A new obsession: antique Hungarian pine benches


We love being in our kitchen. It’s spacious and it has a large dining table in it where you can sit and read the papers for hours, drink tea and generally potter about. A lovely addition to our beloved table we think would be a big old wooden bench, antique, painted and with cushions scattered on it. Now, where to find one? I always do a search on eBay and quickly I came across the type I like best: the Hungarians! Church pews are nice too, but I don’t think they’re very comfy to sit on in the long run. The Hungarian ones however have a deeper seat and a back that isn’t as upright as the pews. They also often have storage space underneath the seat. Very handy. Hopefully we’ll have one in our kitchen very soon… I’m on the hunt! Do let me know if you know of any place in the UK that deals in them. Thanks!

Image: Ravishingly Rustic


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