Thonet chair makeover using Annie Sloan chalk paint

I have started a new project for the nursery; painting a £20 old dark brown wardrobe, but as that hasn’t been finished yet, I will show you a small project that I did while waiting for the paint to dry.

Some years ago I bought a couple of the classic type Thonet chairs for little money, the ones you often see in pubs. As I was attacking my old wardrobe with Aubusson Blue paint from Annie Sloan, I thought, hey, that might look good on a chair too! I left the seat unpainted (just gave it a coat of wax), which I think goes quite well with the blue-grey colour. What do you think? Improvement?


The chair before and after the paint layer:



3 thoughts on “Thonet chair makeover using Annie Sloan chalk paint

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