Nina’s Apartment – my online shop is now open!

Guess what? After years of blogging, hunting for treasures and getting an overdose of inspiration and ideas, I thought it was high time to open up my own online shop! After all, there’s no way I have space in my own home for all those vintage purchases and revamped pieces of furniture I have collected by now. So what is nicer than to share it with my loyal readers? I have just accessories in stock for now, but soon I will add more items, including revamped furntiture and handmade items. All of it carefully selected and created with love!

I ship UK-wide, but if you live abroad and see something you fancy, please drop me an email and I will give you a shipping quote based on your location.

Happy shopping everyone!






3 thoughts on “Nina’s Apartment – my online shop is now open!

  1. Thanks, Fenneke! Now it's a matter of stocking it with more inspirational products. Off to buy a new sewing machine today, so hopefully the shop will soon have some lovely handmade items for sale too. Good luck with yours! x


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