Plum, my new favourite colour for the home

Do you have that sometimes, that all of a sudden you’re drawn to a certain colour, one that you never really gave much attention to before? Well, lately I am loving plum. The slightly dusty, deep purple that can turn living rooms into lush luxurious lounges, bedrooms into boudoirs and outfits into sophistication. Combine it with duck egg blue and it lightens up. Combine it with dark greys, blues and black and it becomes seductive and mysterious. Team it with yellow and it becomes autumnal and slightly vintage. Plum…yum!

I have just finished and put up in the shop a lovely patchwork cushion in plum and yellow, made with Michael Miller retro fabric and an old merino wool jumper. Very upcycled and unique! Ready to be shipped to your sofa or bed 😉

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