Feeling the blues: indigo fabrics and patterns


Continuing my posts about colour today! Monday it was plum, today it is blue. I have always liked blue, the deep moody blue that can look fresh combined with white or mysterious with darker shades. The combination with bright red works surprisingly well too. I especially like the indigo blues used in fabrics such as kimono fabric or ikat from Japan and other far East countries. The beauty is, used in textiles like cushions or throws you can never have enough of them in my opinion, especially scattered together on a sofa or bed. Combining lots of different patterns and textures but all in the same colour can make a room look very ‘together’ and stylish.


Ever since buying my new sewing machine a few weeks ago I have turned into a cushion factory, so my house might end up looking like this one day!


I always keep an eye out for unique decor items while browsing markets and carboot sales and I have been collecting quite a few blue lovelies over time. This cute little vase I discovered recently:




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