DIY craft project tutorials – for a homemade Christmas

Felted garland tutorial from Small Bird Blog

I have been browsing the internet loads to find inspiration and cool ideas to create handmade Christmas decoration to sell at the upcoming Christmas fairs. I have already made some lovely fabric rag wreaths, but am also going to have a go at making tree ornaments and anything else that is beautiful but relatively easy to make. After all, my maternity leave is starting next week, so an ideal time to get cracking with those crafts!

As you’re probably not all going to be able to rush down to my stall at the Christmas Fair (but wouldn’t that be great!), I thought I share some of the DIY projects I found with you so you could have a go yourself at creating a ‘homemade Christmas’ this year. Enjoy!

  • Fabric covered polystyrene/styrofoam ball
    This is one of the things I will be attempting soon; baubles covered in fabric squares. Endless possibilities here with your favourite pieces of fabric! 
  • Cut up fabric into lots of squares of about 2″. Fold them into even littler squares and secure them into the ball with a drawing pin, overlapping them slightly while making your way around.


  • Using vintage papers
    Clear, glass ornaments decoupaged with vintage papers, sprinkled with glass glitter and tied with “Noel” made on a printer. There’s no real tutorial here, but I guess it’s using the decoupage technique and glue such as Mod Podge to get the paper to stick to the ornaments.


  • Clay ornaments with doily print These are super simple to make but oh-so-elegant. The one pictured is featured on the beautiful website of Marley and Locker.

1. Use air-dry clay, roll it out so you have a thin even sheet (about 3-5mm thick).
2. If you want start by pressing a piece of linen or cotton onto the clay to create a textured effect.
3. Press a doily or piece or lace into the clay and carefully take it away to reveal the imprint.
4. Take a small round glass or other shape you like and press it into the clay to cut out the shape. Use a nail or similar to pierce through the ornament so you can put a ribbon through it later.
5. Use rubber stamp letters to create a word or Christmas wish.
5. Let the ornament dry completely.
6. Paint the ornament with white acrylic paint or leave it natural.
7. Fill in the imprint of the word with a darker shade of paint.

  • Clay doily bowls
    If you really getting into this technique, why not try these gorgeous little bowls as well?
    Go to the tutorial


  • Fabric rag ornaments
    Couldn’t quite find the tutorial to go with these, but aren’t they lovely? My guess is cutting out thin equal strips of fabric, then using pins to hold them in place on a polystyrene ball. I’m gonna give this a go…Please let me know if you’ve discovered a better way of doing this!
  • Branch candle holder
    No Christmas without candles, so of course I am including a tutorial for a candle holder! This one is made with little twigs and will add a bit of rustic beauty to your home. Go to the full tutorial
What are you going to give a try? 




7 thoughts on “DIY craft project tutorials – for a homemade Christmas

  1. I am interested in what type of air dry clay you used for the doily print ornaments. I have read reviews on several brands and fear that many crack and come out crumbly. I don't want to waste my time and money on something that is going to turn out bad, especially since I want to do this project with my son for keepsakes. Thanks!


  2. Hi, I used natural clay by a brand called Pebeo. It didn't crack or crumble as long as you keep your hands and the clay reasonably wet and smooth out any crack that appear while shaping the clay. Hope this helps!


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