My new passion: sewing patchwork pillows


This post is a shameful plug of my recent sewing bonanza, which has resulted in a wonderfully eclectic collection of patchwork cushion covers which I am now selling online as well as at the Christmas fair I am taking part in soon. I have turned into a right pillow making factory since I got my new sewing machine and I love it! Finally knowing what to do with my scrap pieces of fabric that I don’t want to throw out, I just sew them all together into unique combinations. I also use vintage linens and all kinds of upholstery and dress making fabrics I come across on my travels. If anything, they will provide excellent insulation for our home in the coming winter months! 😉

Which one do you like best?


I am selling them for £25 ($40) each excl insert, with free shipping to the UK. Happy to ship internationally as well – just drop me an email on ninasapartment at Makes a perfect handmade Christmas present! I am open to make custom pillow covers, so if you’re looking for a specific colour scheme just let me know.

One thought on “My new passion: sewing patchwork pillows

  1. Oh, so how did your business do during Christmas? Your third to the last picture caught my eye! The pillow looks so cute with the pink shades and the flower patterns spread nicely across the surface!

    [Keila Garstka]

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