Grey boring? How about sophisticated – and a great backdrop for colour?

A lot of people choose natural colours like beiges or browns when opting for a ‘neutral’ and safe colour scheme for their homes. Grey is often seen as too cold or depressing and not on every person’s radar when standing in the paint pot alley of the DIY store.

I’ve collected some examples today of rooms where grey actually looks rather sophisticated and stylish, when used in combination with the right colour accents and accessories. Much better than beige (or worse even, magnolia…)! And hey, you can start off simple – try one bit of wall for starters. Perhaps around the fire place or in the hallway to make a mirror, painting or piece of furniture stand out.

Grey teams very well with yellow, teal and mustard. Imagine if these splashes of colour weren’t added to the decor pictured below… They really lift the room. Loving those knitted floor cushions.

Grey is also excellent with more ‘girly’ colours like red and pink – if yellow is not your cup of tea. That grey becomes the perfect background for your favourite pink accessories – just add cushions, throws, curtains or just a bouquet of roses to the room.
Loving this chesterfield sofa…

And if you really can’t detach yourself from your beiges and browns, why not combine grey with a bit of ‘neutral’ after all – and add accessories in natural materials like wood, wicker and jute? Add some natural wooden furniture, pieces of driftwood as accessories and of course don’t forget that lovely natural wooden floor as a basis.

Oh my – now THAT looks like a cosy seat!

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