Free vintage printables for all your creations this Christmas season

Just something I made Great round labels.

I love graphic design and creating blogs, postcards, posters, flyers, business cards and more. Not that I have any proper Photoshop or Illustrator skills, but by keeping things simple and using good quality images and type fonts I seem to get away with a lot! 😉

Lately I have come across some absolutely gorgeous free downloadable images and photoshop textures, which I didn’t want to keep to myself. I mean, what better finishing touch than a customised, vintage label to go with your hand-made gift?

So. Here we go! Have fun and do share links to your websites if you’ve created anything with them!

A great site with lots of vintage downloadable images including postcards, stamps and envelopes as well as polaroid frames, canvas textures and old sticky tape. Yum!


Wonderful website with lots of ideas and inspiration for weddings – but of course these great labels can be used for your homemade Christmas gifts too. Worth a look.

I found a great selection of free downloadable Retro type fonts on this website, ready to be used on all your labels, cards and other creations…



Shadowhouse creations
More yummy type fonts! Which one to choose???


World Label
Heaps of great vintage labels to stick on jars, bottles, boxes, gifts, anything!


Miss Cutiepie goes 80s
Lots of free printable vintage Christmas labels and tags…

DigitalCollageImages (via Flickr)
Some more lovely vintage Christmas tags. Oh my – are those gifts going to look good this year or what.!

Lilybox Designs
Cover some tin cans in these vintage wrappers. You may want to keep some yourself as a home for your pencils, scissors and other bits and bobs too!

Great collection of printable paper scraps, including old maps, flower patterns and labels:

Hope this list has given you some ideas and inspiration! Enjoy!


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