Travel post: Sleeping in a Grand Design home: Dime House, lake Windermere, Lake District

We’re just back from a lovely two weeks’ holiday in the UK. I guess you could call it a ‘stay-cation’ since we decided to stay in Britain this summer, but with a long drive of about 1500 miles in total you can hardly speak of ‘staying local’!

The good thing was that on our epic journey from the North East of Scotland all the way down to Cornwall we stopped for three nights in the beautiful Lake District. You could pick any of the many B&Bs dotted around this area, but we picked the Dome House, a stunning piece of architecture overlooking lake Windermere and a place that added a real bit of ‘designer flair’ to our trip.

It comes as no surprise that it featured in the BBC TV programme Grand Designs, and with its domed roof and facade of wood and glass it really stands out from any of the historic homes and cottages in Bowness-on-Windermere. Although very ‘grand’ on approach, the guest rooms have a lovely, welcoming feel to them, with their open plan living space, vintage furniture and view to die for. Our room, the ‘Green Suite’ also features a rather unusual and very large wooden bath, which was a real winner – even our 7-month old baby loved scooting around in it. Rather than having to rush to a communal breakfast room, at the Dome House you are provided with a well stocked ‘breakfast hamper’, which makes your stay even more pleasant and relaxed.

We really enjoyed staying here and would recommend this place any time, whatever the weather. A thunder storm and torrential rain shower never looked more impressive than from the window of this grand design house.

View from our room after the storm

The fabulous wooden bath and my fabulous baby boy

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