Tan leather sofas, my new found love.

Maybe it’s the Spring in the air, maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been sitting on the same boring black sofa for years now (my husband “bought it for life” when he was still a bachelor, so I said we could keep it for a bit longer…), but I fancy a change. Not a life change, a sofa change. Normally I would choose a fabric one, either wool or linen, but with two cats and a toddler I think leather is probably not a bad idea. So I’ve been browsing – yes you guessed it – Pinterest, and here’s some pictures of beauties I wanted to share with you today.

Tan leather seems to mix with quite a few colour schemes and styles, whether contemporary, retro or classic. I also love the mix of grey walls and tan leather, combined with some ethnic accent cushions. Natural wooden floors and kelim wool rugs combine well too.

Gorgeous vintage leather sofa and chair with great contemporary art and natural floor boards (http://pinterest.com/pin/486881409685166222/)
I love the graphic rug, ethnic cushions and metal side tables in this picture. A white backdrop is perfect to make the colours pop. http://pinterest.com/pin/486881409685166213/
Lovely retro sofa against a grey wall with art display. Great bog floor cushion too. http://pinterest.com/pin/486881409685166220/
Wonderful big artworks behind this beauty. Looks like a cosy sofa to snuggle up in with those cushions http://pinterest.com/pin/486881409685166217/
Beautiful simple shape, not too bulky and a adding great warmth to the deep grey back wall. http://pinterest.com/pin/486881409685104938/
Great retro room with this tan sofa, grey wall and purple accessories http://pinterest.com/pin/562105597210729702/

22 thoughts on “Tan leather sofas, my new found love.

  1. Oh yes, that's exactly what I'm looking for. Tan leather has so much more character. We're on a sofa hunt at the moment and the other half was also looking at bachelor pad black – but after showing him these tan numbers he's changed his mind!


  2. Awesome style. These sofas add a stylish edge to any home, oozing luxury and elegance without being too over the top.leather sofas to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice you can keep it simple and elegant or go contemporary with leather corner suites, for example. The choice is yours.


  3. I loved the post. Tan leather sofas are actually an evergreen trend. These give your home a sumptuous look and there is no end to the styles, colors, and sizes they are available in the market. One should definitely go for leather sofas while getting their home interior designed.


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