Revamp of two wing chairs…how to give a tired piece of furniture a whole new life

At a house clearance recently people were trying to sell off a pair of very old and tired wing backed chairs. As they were from before 1950, they didn’t meet fire regulations so if no one would buy them, they would end up in the skip….charity shops don’t take them! Luckily me and Debra from Willow Cottage came to the rescue and took them off their hands.

A few weeks later and this is the result. I choose a charcoal deep grey velvet for the inside and a grey and mustard yellow printed ‘stamp’ fabric for the outside of the chair. Debra selected a 100% wool tartan material to cover the whole of her chair. Initially meant to sell them on to our customers, we both love the chairs so much that we are just going to keep them all to ourselves! (*but do let us know if you want your own chair revamped like this!)

This is what I did to mine…

Charcoal velvet and stamp fabric, plus grey painted legs

And this is what Debra did to hers…

100% Scottish wool

Good results or what? Incredible how they have both turned out and funny to think they were once a matching set…


8 thoughts on “Revamp of two wing chairs…how to give a tired piece of furniture a whole new life

  1. Love these chairs! I have an old Parker Knolls chair desperately needing reupholstered – did you do it yourself or send it somewhere? Just found your blog, looking forward to having a nosy through the archives, I also live in Inverurie!


  2. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for your comment! I picked the colour scheme and fabrics but work with an upholsterer to do it. Let me know if you want me to help you! Hope to see you around soon 🙂


  3. Nina – your chair is gorgeous! I think I recognise where you got the fabric from. See you at your Summer Fair – Lorna (with the letter chair)


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