Rocking chair revamp – patchwork project

I recently picked up a rocking chair – not incredibly ‘vintage’ (probably less than 30 years old), but a good shape and well built – possibly G Plan. The cushions had seen better days though and when a customer showed an interest in buying the chair I suggested doing it up for her in a patchwork style, using lots of lovely blue and grey fabric scraps I had lying around in the studio. I left the frame in its original blond wood state as I felt it matched the ‘Scandinavian’ look of the patterned fabrics and style of the chair. This is the result. I’m pretty pleased with it and I am sure it’ll look lovely in its new home!

2 thoughts on “Rocking chair revamp – patchwork project

  1. Hey Nina this chair looks stunning! really like the fabric choices. Im moving to Aberdeen soon, excitied to pop out and visit your store!xxxx


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