Upcycling project: from smelly display cabinet to oriental chic

I don’t have much time these days to work on furniture as much as I did on this one, but I think it paid off. I found the display cabinet in a charity shop and it immediately caught my eye. It is always a guess what you come across in these places, but I just knew that this one had potential. Gorgeous carved detailing around the edges, rippled antique glass panels and a design on the doors that reminded me of Japanese patterns.

It was a smelly old thing though and the first thing I did was ripping off the old vinyl lining paper from the back wall, that obviously had been stuck on in the sixties. I considered sticking some kind of patterned paper back on, but then I remembered a patchwork I had been trying to turn into a blanket and never finished, made with a stack of vintage Japanese kimono silks. That would be perfect!

I chose a graphite chalk paint to cover up the dull dark brown varnish on the wood, and lightly brushed some dusky pink over the floral carving on the edging to make it stand out more. The inside I painted with the same pink. A wax and a bit of elbow grease gave the cabinet a nice sheen without becoming too glossy.

It is so satisfying to bring an old discarded piece of furniture back to life and I think that whoever owned it in the past would be pleased to see it being loved again.

Do you like this eye catching cabinet? It is for sale in the shop! Please get in touch if you would like to see it up close.







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