The beauty of midcentury modern sideboards

Midcentury modern sideboards are timeless classic pieces that add sophistication to any interior. Most sideboards are produced in teak and teak veneer, but sometimes you come across some beauties in Rosewood too. The warmth and look of rosewood can look incredible against a minimalist decor.



Midcentury modern sideboards are popular additions to interiors from people who are design-conscious and are looking for something with style as well as a story and a bit of ‘soul’. Well known brands from the 1950s and 1960s are G-plan, McIntosh and the more upmarket manufacturer Troeds of Sweden.

Books on midcentury modern furniture

Modern Originals : At Home with MidCentury European Designers.50,50 €

This gorgeously photographed volume features the under-published private spaces of both the icons and unknown vanguards of European mid-century architecture and design. In keeping with the functional beauty of mid-century design, Handcrafted Modern: Europe presents the innovative homes by some of the most compelling and influential European mid-century designers, including Le Corbusier, Robin and Lucienne Day, and Gae Aulenti, to name a few. BUY

midcentury modern furniture

Mid-Century Modern : Interiors, Furniture, Design Details. Bradley Quinn 27,58 €

The 1950s house was a scientific triumph. It had been designed in a laboratory and tested on inhabitants of all ages before being built for the masses. Never had the home been so contemporary – antiques and period styles were banished for an entire decade as householders concentrated on achieving a complete ‘look’ for the home. Mid-Century Modern explores the interior decor of this time, concentrating on all aspects of a home’s decoration – walls, flooring, surfaces, lighting and, of course, furniture. BUY


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