Project: from kids room to teenage boys hangout

Recently I had the pleasure to redesign a boys bedroom in a beautiful house in Stirling. The boy is turning twelve soon, a teenager, so it was time to change his room into something a little more grown up. Thankfully some things were already pretty good to work with, including a black cast iron bed and a lovely grey-green colour on the wall. The denim blinds and striped curtains were also to stay. I decided to go for a rustic / vintage / industrial look: iron gas pipe and wood shelving, lots of (upcycled) accessories that tie in with the boy’s love for sports and – as requested – a highly practical modern wardrobe. Then there was also the storage for books and trophies to include, a chill-out corner for reading and playing games and a functional (vintage) desk.


I was immediately drawn to metal lockers, black anglepoise lights, as well a NUD wrap around bulb and cable, and denim accessories to add in some blue accents to match the colours of existing curtains and bedding. A graffiti pattern drum lampshade would make a nice statement piece in the room.

For all images see the project Pinterest board

Interestingly, this whole project was done via skype and email, which went surprisingly well considering I wasn’t on site to take measurements etc. It worked however with my client giving me a tour around the house via skype on her iPad so I got a good feel for the style of the rest of the house and the room I needed to redesign. I set up a collaborative Pinterest board with my client to which we both added images we felt matched the look we were trying to create. Then I produced mood boards of the different corners/walls of the room to get a more realistic impression of what the new space will look like. A plan design shows the client where each item of furniture should go. In this case I also produced a shopping list for the room, including all items that needed to be bought. This is what I came up with:

A lot of the more quirky, upcycled and vintage pieces came from Etsy. The wardrobe is a PAX unit from Ikea, the gas pipe shelving unit is from a company called Breuer in England, who make custom-made shelves and other furniture with rustic wood and pipework. For a similar bed, just do a search online for ‘black metal beds’ and you should be able to find one to suit your taste and budget.

I think it is safe to say that the room has grown up a bit and is ready for its teenage resident to hang out in for years to come.

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