Give that floor some love. Rugs that matter.

I have a slight obsession for rugs. Beautiful oriental ones, faded rugs, Turkish kelims, bold colours, rich patterns and weaves. I like the handicraft in the folklore ones, the work that has gone into them. If you want to give your home some true soul, investing in a good quality rug is a good start.

Here a few to give you some inspiration. For more great examples, have a look at my Pinterest board, which is an ever growing collection of gorgeous rugs.

Imagine this space without the rugs…they make such a statement. (source)
An old, faded rug can be just as beautiful as a brand new one, giving a room a lot of character. (source)
Why use one just one rug when you have a few more? Combining rugs in similar colours can really make a great impact on your floors. (source)
You can also choose to layer rugs, to add more texture to a room as well as combine different complimentary patterns and colours. (source)
You almost can’t go wrong with a classic red Persian rug. It goes well in traditional homes, cosy country cottages as well as sleek, white contemporary interiors. The more worn and vintage, the better in my opinion. (source)

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