Eclectic bathrooms: blue mosaic tiling, copper pipes and vintage accessories

Oh, I can drool over pictures of bathrooms on Pinterest, as I’m sure many of you do as well. We had our own bathroom redone two years ago and we went for something quite simple and timeless ourselves. Still, I can’t help going Oh! and Ah! when flicking though images of bathrooms with a lot more wow factor, eclectic touches and uniqueness to them. I love Moroccan tiles, colourful mosaics, the look of a sleek modern bathroom in combination with more rustic looking copper pipework and wooden accessories such as ladders and stools. It’s the combination of different textures and materials that really makes a bathroom stand out. Are you ready for some inspiration? ‘Course you are.

Wonderful simple, yet striking combination of blues, greys and different tiles. Nice copper hardware too.  Image source
More lovely blue tiles! Without them the room would look much like any other grey bathroom, but the pattern and colour give it a great backdrop. Image source
I really love how this looks, but knowing from experience that these mid-century sideboards are often not solid wood throughout and very prone to water marks, I would put an extra (glass? marble?) top on it before installing a basin. Great colour combo though. Image source 
A very dramatic looking bathroom with the black tiles and the large traditional sink. I love how they create contrast by combining this with a concrete floor and an oriental rug. Image source
Who says that traditional and contemporary don’t go together? Wonderful combo of painted panelled walls, mediterranean tiles, a freestanding bath and a walk-in shower. Minimal in an eclectic way! Image source
I don’t know about you, but I really love the indoor plant trend that’s been around for a while now. It just makes everything, well, greener. Dream away in your tropical bathroom wile soaking in that gorgeous deep freestanding tub… Image source
Oh my word, those tiles, that walk-in shower. I bet the rest of the house is a dream too. I love how they have very sleek, minimalist built in cupboards on the left, which make a good contrast with the vintage features.  Image source
How about this striking, unusual bathroom scheme? Monochrome meets a splash of red. Great use of large patterns and smaller tiles and a very useful and good looking storage niche. Image source
Need I say more? Just wow. Image source
What a fabulous bold colour scheme and patterns going on here. Amazing also what a pink scarf (or towel) and a pot of dark blue paint can do to give your bathroom or toilet a quick update. Image source

Want to see more eclectic bathrooms? Have a look on my Pinterest board.


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