One day…my dream house in the sun

Living in Scotland is great and we are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside, lots of space, nice people and generally a good quality of life. But oh, how I curse the climate, even though we do get the odd wonderfully hot day in summer which makes you appreciate it all the more. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your winter clothes put away in April – and wear your summer clothes…like, all summer? Today I am posting about dream houses in the sun! Yes, because, well, you can dream, right? I have been collecting some gorgeous inspirational images again, making us all wish we lived in the Med. I guess we could always try and replicate the ideas…in our summerhouse or glass extension. Or just book a holiday. Perhaps you’re already there.

Enjoy, get inspired, imagine the sound of lapping waves as you lounge on your bohemian veranda full of plants and floaty drapes, sitting in your white linen dress, sipping a mojito. Bliss.

(To enjoy this post even more, I suggest clicking on this Youtube link and use the calming lapping waves as a background sound…Done it, yes? Told you it was good.)


Image source

Image source

Image source


A fabulous way to experience – or pretend you own – a house in the sun, is to rent a house through AirBnB. Much more interesting than a boring self catering apartment in a complex within a resort, often off the beaten track and certainly more personal. Have a look for some stunning places in Greece or Spain.

Image source

Not an outdoor space, but I love the interior and how the light comes into the house. Image source

Beautiful shadows and shelter created by the roof made of branches. Image source

Image source

Image source

Image source

Image source

Image source

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