Decorating with vintage: how to get it right

Decorating with vintage, do you know how to do it? Where do people find all these perfect vintage pieces of furniture and objects? How do they put it all together?


5 Tips for Decorating with Vintage:

  • Buy what you love

Your home should be pleasing to your eye. You have to live there, so buy what you love! If you don’t love your decor, you will not feel comfortable in your own home. If you love those crazy antlers or that old travel trunk, use them! Decorating with vintage should be fun, so be brave.

Decorating with vintage
Image: My Scandinavian Home


  • Don’t be afraid to mix wood tones

Many people think that if they own one piece of oak furniture, the rest has to match. But wood is just a colour. Vintage furniture that was meant to last was made of wood. When decorating with vintage check for tones in the wood grain that may be complimentary to one another.

  • Be patient. Shop often

My furniture did not come home with me in one weekend. That’s one of the luxuries of buying everything new – you can get a catalogue looking living room in one shopping trip.  But in order to achieve decor with character, you may have to be patient for the right piece to come along. Check your local vintage traders, charity shops, flea market, Gumtree and Ebay, often.


Image: Design Soda

  • Mix it up

True design comes from mixing unexpected elements, colours, and textures. With vintage furniture, you run the risk of looking like you live in a time warp – same goes for vintage clothing.  When decorating with vintage don’t be afraid to mix decades, vintage and modern, and shapes.  A very ornate antique cabinet can look amazing when given pride of place against a fresh white wall, next to a fairly inexpensive standard lamp from Ikea.

Decorating with vintage
Image: The Future Kept
decorating with vintage
Image: Projektila

  • Don’t be afraid to re-purpose

The goal of decorating with vintage is two fold – owning quality constructed pieces and creating a unique, eclectic look.  If you happen to find a fabulous dressing table, but have no room or need for one, try re-purposing it without the mirror as a storage sideboard or desk in the living room. A double door antique wardrobe could turn into a fabulous kitchen pantry with new shelves top to bottom, and painted in a vibrant blue.

How do you style with vintage? Do you find it easy or do you have difficulty creating a ‘together’ look?

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