Guest room and Study makeover

If you are lucky enough to have a ‘spare’ room you may, like me, once have had grand plans of it being this beautiful boutique guest room with soft hand towels neatly folded on the bed with a cute bit of hotel soap on top. Fresh flowers, some carefully selected books…slippers even. Yes? No, I didn’t get there either.

Somehow over the months, years even, laundry ends up drying in the room, subsequently dumped on the bed in a pile waiting to be be ironed. A desk with a computer arrives. And the junk and boxes of stuff that you have no idea where to put, but you don’t want to throw out yet, so – oh heck – you just chuck in the spare room to “sort out later”. And then one day, it looks a bit like this:

And this:

Not much happiness going on here.

Or even this:

Spare room? Spare shelves.

Time for some hardcore tidying! There is only so much ‘let’s just shut the door and ignore it’ I can take and my mum will be staying soon, so I’d better give her a bed. After my friend kindly offered to take my eldest child to the indoor play-barn for the afternoon (she deserves a medal…indoor play-barns…the stuff of nightmares), and my husband and youngest are away for the weekend, I had time to wizz around the room and give it a quick makeover.

2.5 hours later it looked like this:

Still no folded hand towels and miniature soap on the pillows (hey, it’s a sofa bed!), but it’s looking like a usable space again. Multifunctional and pleasant. Now let’s keep the junk out.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Guest room and Study makeover

  1. Michelle says:

    Nina, this is brilliant, l love how you have pull everything together. I love a good move of the furniture to create new dimensions to rooms. I always feel i have to much in my rooms and can’t position things well.

    • Nina's Apartment says:

      Thanks Michelle. It does make a difference how you place furniture. At one point it felt like an impossible task with the amount of stuff that needed to go into that room (it is not big), but I think it works well now the desk is placed at the window. There is still plenty of space for the bed to be pulled out too.

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