Room reveal: from dated pine and pale to stunning green walls and metallics

Last year I had the pleasure of designing a living room for a lovely couple in Aberdeen. Typical Victorian granite property, high ceilings, fire place and a large front window. They loved dark moody colours for their home interior and the dining room was already decorated in a beautiful deep blue. Their living room was still very much in need of some love and attention. A lot of dated pine woodwork, tall white walls, nothing really worked and it lacked warmth. The only thing they really liked and had added to the room was grey patterned wallpaper on the chimney breast. They didn’t quite know what else to go for with their living room, but they did tell me that greens, golds and art deco were colours and styles that had crossed their minds. They hired me to provide my ‘design package’ for them (mood board and colour scheme, 3D designs and plan of the room and a shopping list – £300), in which I suggested practical solutions and ideas to make the room look more ‘together’ and add the cosiness they were looking for. They were very pleased with that and decided to go and decorate and finish the room themselves, using my designs as a guide.


The room before the makeover: a lot of pine and big white walls.

Almost a year on I contacted them to find out what had happened since I last saw them, as I was keen to see the room again. I was pleasantly surprised that not only had they managed to redecorate, they also became new parents to a beautiful baby girl! Time for a visit.


I was a bit nervous to see my designs brought into reality, but I was delighted that it looked much as I had envisaged. The walls were green (I had initially suggested a more smoky green but their choice definitely makes a great, bold statement and works well), white shelving had been built into the alcoves, a dark mahogany colour floor had been put down and the furniture they had picked was not far off my ideas. They had splashed out on a very nice brass and glass coffee table from Rose and Grey but saved on other items such as the grey Ikea sofas and a simple cream rug. The lovely dark sideboard came from House of Fraser. Their existing framed stag print now looks great against the green back drop, picking up the green in the picture.

Buying everything new at once certainly has its conveniences, but my clients confessed that if they had sourced an original art deco sideboard that it would probably have saved them some money as well as getting something totally unique (*NB: it is great just going for the design package if you are happy to do everything yourself, but hiring designers like myself for the full project not only gets you a finished room, but also saves pennies in the long run: I get discounts as a trader and am really good at finding the perfect vintage furniture! 😉 )

They decided to go for white woodwork rather than the grey I originally suggested, which I think makes a good, fresh looking alternative. Still a few finishing touches to make, such as perhaps some light weight curtains, a different lamp base, a mirror above the fire place, artwork above the sofa and maybe a vintage art deco drinks trolley, but a gorgeous result so far nonetheless. Well done to them for doing all of this in what is quite a hectic time of their life with the new addition to their family. “We absolutely love the room now, it is lovely to spend time in”, they said. And the baby and cat seemed very happy with the calm atmosphere in the room too, cooing and purring away.

Does your room need a makeover too?

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