About variety, adventure and staying true to yourself

We go through most of our lives wondering “what we will be when we grow up…”, what to do next, whether what we have chosen to do is actually making us happy…and how we can make the necessary changes. Is is really hard staying true to yourself and what you want in life. I don’t know many people who are just happy with their lives, do you? Everyone is always chasing the next thing, trying to find the holy grail to happiness. Most of us compare ourselves to others, are sensitive to what people think of them if they choose something that is different from mainstream.

She turned her can'ts in to cansand her dreams into plans.png

writing lists and keeping journals

It is not easy to stay true to yourself and so many people end up in jobs, places, situations that they feel is someone else’s desire – not theirs. Do you ever write lists down of goals and dreams you have for yourself? Or when going through roller coasters in life? I find it can be very therapeutic and organises your mind when you feel overwhelmed. I must have written hundreds of lists. Still, mostly coming back to the things that have always mattered to me. Visioning things on paper is a very powerful tool. The more you see things written down, the more you manifest your goals. I still have the journals with the bullet points. It is quite an eye opener sometimes to go back and read them and see what has happened over the years and what has changed. Did I actually achieve what I had in mind?

I manifested a lot of the things I wanted in life so far, such as moving abroad, starting a family and my own business. My husband showed me an old notebook last night and what I said I valued at 25, hasn’t changed much 14 years later. The only thing that has changed is that I actually did a lot of what I wanted to do. I guess I stayed true to myself over the years, despite going through phases of wondering whether I was doing the right thing and sometimes having to battle opinions and negativity from people around me, trying to discourage me.

Staying true to yourself. Xativa castle in Spain
Beautiful Xativa castle, south of Valencia

mindful walking

Moving to Valencia has made me feel very alive! Variety is the spice of life, so they say. It’s true! The sun plays a big part in my current joy after having lived in Scotland for twelve years, obviously, I mean, I can wear nice clothes and sandals and go outside with no coat on. ALL the time! But not just that, it is the variety of people, buildings, cafes, landscapes, everything.I have been doing a lot of mindful walking. Aimlessly, but so enjoyable.

So many people from all over the world, so many cultures, lots of ‘digital nomads’ with really cool jobs. Open-minded, progressive thinkers, like-minded people. It makes your mind grow. Expand your thinking. It makes you see things differently. It is the most wonderful thing to stroll around my new hometown and discover a whole new world. It brings a very happy child out in me. I feel at home here! My Spanish is still pants, but I’m working on it.

Cultivating happiness and being mindful in valencia

Mindful walking in Valencia

I stumbled across a beautiful poem the other day that resonated with me. And perhaps with you too! I would love to become this lady. I remember one day I too promised myself that I “would want to become a big story book full of adventures at the end of my life”. I’m by no means a mountain climber, nor a marathon runner and haven’t sailed solo across the Antlantic, but I like my humble stories so far. I am looking forward to many more chapters. And the tattoos? Oh well, I don’t have any yet, but who knows. Turning 40 next year may just be the perfect age to start a wee collection.

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