Fresh flowers: five different ways to display them in your home

Who doesn’t love a vase filled with fresh flowers on the table? Perhaps it is in my Dutch blood, coming from the land of tulips, but a colourful, fragrant bouquet is one of the little things in life that makes me truly happy. You could buy a bouquet from the shop and put it straight in a vase at home, but  try and be a bit more creative when arranging flowers and make your bouquet go further. Not a fan of colourful flowers? Choose greenery from the garden! Here are Five different ways to display fresh flowers in your home.

1. Use vintage finds for flower arranging

Who says flowers need to be in a glass vase? Think outside the box (or vase!) when arranging flowers and try an old tin bucket, milk jug, or anything else that looks pretty and can hold water without leaking. Perfect to add that eclectic, bohemian touch and  vintage flair to your interior.

flower display in a vintage tin bucket
Image: Pinterest
Pink blossom in a tin bucket French farmhouse
Image: Bloglovin
wild garden bouquet flowers in a vintage jug
Image: Pinterest

2. alternative flower arranging: Oversized branches in a glass vase

For some quick and easy statement pieces in your decor, try putting a large leafy branch in a large glass bottle or vase. Maybe you have some great shrubs or plants in your garden that need pruning anyway, or just buy one or two beautiful big branches from the flower shop. Usually branches like these last a good few weeks too, which is another great thing about them.

oversized branches in glass vase as focal decor piece
Image: Starfish Cottage
arranging flowers with oversized branches in a glass vase
Image: Pinterest

3. Hang ’em up high: arrange flowers in tiny bottles

Got a collection of little bottles? Any will do, go through your bathroom cabinet or use small lemonade bottles and start arranging flowers in an original way. Even small jars can be used, such as jam or mustard jars. You may want to do a little hunt down charity shops and flea markets to add to your display. Use metal wire or twine to wrap around the bottle necks and secure them to a hoop or a wooden branch suspended from the ceiling or window frame. Fill them with a bit of water and place small single flowers in them. How unusual, but pretty!

Arranging flowers in a Bohemian way with vintage hanging bottles
Image: That’s Chic
arranging flowers with a minimalst flower display in hanging bottles
Image: Kate Young Design

4. arranging flowers by Taking the bouquet apart

I often do this when some of the flowers in my bouquet are old and gone, I take those out and rearrange the ones that are still looking fresh. You can also cut them a bit shorter to make them fit in a different vase – or display them in a group of different size bottles, jugs and vases, together on a tray or table. Ideas for arranging flowers are endless.

arranging monochrome flowers in glass bottles
Image: Flowerona
arranging flowers in groups of vases and bottles
Image: Apartment Therapy
arranging flowers in vintage glass bottles
Image: Pinterest


5. arranging flowers the minimalist way: Monochrome bouquets for simplicity

Don’t like bold and vibrant colours with lots of different types of flowers? Keep it simple and go for monochrome. Pick a bunch of white roses or tulips, with a little bit of greenery if you want. A perfect, classic and sophisticated way of arranging flowers.

monochrome flower bouquets
Image: Flowerona
monochrome bouquet in mason jar
Image: My Winter garden

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