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ninaportrait.pngI love writing and creating. Nina’s Apartment is my online home where you can find inspiration for your soul, your home, your life. My door is always open!

In addition to my blog I offer content and copywriting services to heart centered businesses looking for a writer who can put their passion into words. Read about that here

Some facts: I was born in the Netherlands, moved to Scotland in 2005 and am now living in Valencia, Spain. I sing in a band. I am also a mother of two little boys and wife to Glenn. I have a cat called Buster. I am a positive person, my glass is always half full. I love life.

Soulful living

I find inspiration in many things. Colour, street art, children’s imagination. I admire people with a passion and a drive for what they believe in. Who start up their wonderful businesses to help others become their best self. By doing what they love, making the world around them a little bit more beautiful. People who choose not to be a sheep, by staying original. Finding a real purpose. For me this is what life is about. Meaningful living.

Creative being

As a child who always had a pencil and piece of paper in her hand, it was obvious I was going to end up in the arts. I have a Masters in Art and Architecture History and have worked in the creative industries all my life.

I have a love for mid 20th century design and bohemian style. Textiles, ceramics, patterns, bold colours. I have been collecting old stuff since I was a kid and started the Nina’s Apartment blog back in 2008, because I wanted to write about my passion. I even had my own shop selling vintage furniture for four years  (until it tragically burnt down in 2016). I have always had a strong resentment over waste as well as over mass produced, throwaway (plastic) products. Buying second-hand or at least lasting quality just feels like a wholesome thing to do. Soulful living.

Content writer for life coaches and holistic therapists

Eternal optimist

What else? I am an eternal optimist who refuses to take off those rose tinted glasses. Perhaps I cannot change world politics, but I can make a small difference in my immediate environment. The least I can do is try and be a good human and teach my children do be the same.

I believe we are responsible for our own happiness and how we live our lives – and life is only short. Don’t keep on dreaming, be brave, some things are only a step away. Make it count.

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