About Nina

Hello, I am Nina! Welcome to my Apartment.


I am a creative being, hardly ever sit still and am usually working on my next project. I write, design, blog and sing and am a mother of two little boys and wife to Glenn.

I was born in the Netherlands, moved to Scotland in 2005 and I have relocated to Valencia, Spain in 2018.

I love old stuff and quirky things. Things with a soul and a story to tell.
I have been collecting old stuff since I was a kid, been blogging since 2008 and had a shop selling vintage furniture for four years until 2016. I have always had a strong resentment over waste as well as over mass produced, throwaway (plastic) products. Buying second-hand or at least lasting quality just feels like a wholesome thing to do. Soulful living.

I find inspiration in many things. I love colour, street art, creativity in the way people style their homes, cafes or shops. I smile when I see people being creative in the clothes they wear. I adore my children’s crazy drawings. I like people who make life a bit more beautiful just by being themselves and doing what they love. Meaningful living.

I have a Masters in art and architecture history and a passion for mid 20th century design, patterns and bohemian style. I loves textiles, ceramics, treasure hunting and discovering new places.

In addition to blogging I also offer marketing services through my business Copy Por Favor, supporting other small businesses with good looking design and straight talking text.

What else? I am an eternal optimist who refuses to take off those rose tinted glasses. I believe we are responsible for our own happiness and how we live our lives – and life is only short. Don’t keep on dreaming, be brave, some things are only a step away. Make it count.

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