Meet Nina

Hello, I’m Nina – welcome to my Apartment, please make yourself at home! I am a creative blogger and freelance writer living in Valencia, Spain. 

I love old stuff. Things with a soul and a story to tell. I have been surrounding myself with nice old things since I was a kid, been blogging since 2008 and started sourcing and selling vintage since 2011. I have always had a strong resentment over waste as well as over mass produced, throwaway (plastic) products. Buying second-hand or vintage is not only a fashion statement, it is part of a conscious lifestyle.

This blog is about soulful living: finding inspiration in everyday life, being mindful, being creative, caring for the planet, others and ourselves. A bit of lifestyle, a bit of decor, a bit of well-being. Being unique, being kind, being you.

I was born in the Netherlands, moved to Scotland in 2005 to be with my love, and worked in architecture, the creative industries and arts marketing in both countries for many years. After having my first baby I stopped my office job and opened my very own vintage furniture and design shop Nina’s Apartment in 2012. It was such a joy doing treasure hunting for a living! The shop was unfortunately destroyed in a fire in 2016 and when other big changes also happened in our life, my family and I decided to up sticks and move to Spain to start over in 2018. Our new hometown Valencia is amazing and makes me very happy. Beside being a freelance content writer (in Dutch & English), I am now also a tour guide on a bike – and am a singer in a band.

I have a Masters degree in Art and Architecture history and a passion for mid 20th century design. I love textiles, ceramics, treasure hunting and traveling. Art, culture and vintage are recurring topics in my blog posts, as well as my mission to make the world a better, calmer and kinder place – and inspire through my blog.

What else? I am a mum of two noisy little boys, married to Glenn and an eternal optimist who loves life. Life is beautiful, just open your eyes and see for yourself.

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