This week’s inspiration: comfy sofas, lush beds and wall displays

I don’t know about you, but I have started to get the woolly socks and winter blankets out of the cupboard. We had a great warm and sunny few days up here in Aberdeenshire last weekend, but I think that really was the last bit of summer. Flipflops can be put away (as if we ever wear them here in Scotland! ;-), winter boots can come out.

On Pinterest I have been pinning some nice photos of colourful interiors lately and since we’ll be spending more time indoors now summer is over, I am sharing some ideas on how to bring warmth and happiness in your home with colourful lounges and bedrooms and great wall displays. I hope you like them.

Back to winter woollies…vintage crochet blankets love.

So we are having some freakish weather up here in Scotland. Barbecues and sun hats one day, 10cm of snow the next. What’s going on?! Anyway, nothing we can do about it but go with the flow (or snow for that matter). I had to get an extra blanket out the cupboard the past few days to keep warm and got the idea to actually go and stock up on beautiful hand crocheted ‘granny’ blankets for my etsy shop too.
Really beautiful ones (in up to date rather colours than seventies ones) are hard to come by though. Maybe I should find a local granny to make me some. Or learn to crochet myself…!

Here are some nice blankets I sold recently and one that I have just added to my shop.


Valentines Day…how about adding some red to your life?

Feeling the blues: indigo fabrics and patterns

Continuing my posts about colour today! Monday it was plum, today it is blue. I have always liked blue, the deep moody blue that can look fresh combined with white or mysterious with darker shades. The combination with bright red works surprisingly well too. I especially like the indigo blues used in fabrics such as kimono fabric or ikat from Japan and other far East countries. The beauty is, used in textiles like cushions or throws you can never have enough of them in my opinion, especially scattered together on a sofa or bed. Combining lots of different patterns and textures but all in the same colour can make a room look very ‘together’ and stylish.

Ever since buying my new sewing machine a few weeks ago I have turned into a cushion factory, so my house might end up looking like this one day!

I always keep an eye out for unique decor items while browsing markets and carboot sales and I have been collecting quite a few blue lovelies over time. This cute little vase I discovered recently: