Design line-up: lamps and pendants

I love Danish design and this lamp, called the IQ Light, is one of my all-time favourites, especially when lit at night. The one pictured below is a replica and sold on eBay.

Another mid-century cracker from Denmark (from
I also love Moroccan lanterns and pendants that create such a lovely diffused light. This one is from Haysom lighting.
This one is a cheapy from B&Q, that we’ve got hanging in our hall way. Got a nice retro feel to it!

This pendant light is great for its simplicity and elegance and would go in any interior really (and I’d love it to in mine!). You can get it on eBay.
This pendant light with aluminium casting is reminiscent of the successful industrial era of the 60’s. I love it! Wouldn’t it look great in a pair above the kitchen table? It is available from Garden Trading.
Fabulous warm orange light coming from this retro beauty (found on eBay):

Cool Scottish contemporary craft and design

Image: Papa Stour

I don’t usually boast about Scotland as the place to be when it comes to interior design, as most interior shops up here I just find incredibly boring and traditional. Sofas are bulky, sideboards massive, “contemporary design sofas” often means “oddly shaped” and made out of black or red leather – but still bulky. Where are the aesthetics?

I am always flabbergasted (I love that word) by the many homes decked out with complete lack of inspiration, with everything bought brand new, in the same shop, on the same day, in the same colour. Playing ‘safe’, by choosing beige, creams and ‘neutral’ colours. It’s so soul-less!

Image: Papa Stour

Anyway, I will get off my soap box now – phew – because today I am proud to present Papa Stour, a wonderful Scottish online shop featuring great individual, eccentric home decor pieces by some very talented artists!

Papa Stour was launched 5 years ago by Rosie Brown, a Scottish textile designer, freelance interior stylist and a regular contributor to publications such as Elle Decoration, Living Etc and Homes & Gardens. 

Since Scottish design seems to be my topic today, I’d also like to boast about my good friend Libby Day, who is a very talented designer based in Aberdeen, making the most wonderful contemporary interior pieces – and jewelry (including my wedding ring!). 

Libby focuses on the natural and built environment as inspiration for her designs, which I think is shown beautifully in her room dividers/screens and the box seats. Libby does large commissions and big interior projects, but also sells limited edition items on her website Do check out her fruit bowl and lighting, as they’re ace.

How to turn your leftover drinking straws – and boxing gloves – into a chair

Now THAT’s what I call recycling. Got more tennis balls than you can throw a racket at? Why not make a chair out of it. Don’t know what to do with that stack of magazines? Paste it onto a chair! What about those boxes of drinking straws leftover from your garden party? Well, you get the idea. That ‘Argument chair’ made out of boxing gloves actually looks rather comfy, but sort of gives the phrase “giving a kick up the ass” a whole new meaning.
A creative use of your comic books…papered onto an old chair
Mike Tyson’s favourite seat?

A table made of vintage plates

I came across this table from Imu Design, a so-called prototype named ‘Plate U’… and isn’t it brilliant? I mean, I’m not sure how practical it is (imagine having an animated gossipy chat with your best friend while holding a glass in your hand and then you decide to put down your glass on the table while keeping your eyes on your friend, not looking where the actual holes in the table are… that sort of thing), but it’s cool. The frame is made of steel, the plates are “hand-picked” as the designers describe it themselves and I assume they found them in charity shops or on the local flea market.

Light blubs

I know my blog is meant to be about junk, great but affordable interiors and how do create this, but aren’t these lights just charming? I love design that makes you smile and this certainly did. I probably can’t afford any of these but just wanted to share it with you. These lights are Dutch designer Pieke Bergmans‘ ‘Light Blubs’ or as she explains: “a light bulb that has gone way out of line. Infected by the dreaded Design Virus, these Blubs have taken on all kinds of forms and sizes you wouldn’t expect from such well behaving and reliable little products. Nevertheless, they seem to be enjoying their new free existences.” The blubs seem like bogies coming out of lamps, or fat puddings crashing down from the sky and collapsing on the table. Brilliant.

How to turn a bath tub into a sofa and rags into a rug

Bath tubs, shopping trolleys and other things that can be turned into furniture

Reestore is the brainchild of Max McMurdo, and the products clearly show that you don’t need to sacrifice design and aesthetics in favour of environmental sustainability. Reestore excels in “cheekily” turning waste objects into stylish and functional pieces of furniture and accessories…
(I want that bath!!! )
Reestore – contemporary eco design

Seat made of ties

Here’s another very cool design…. a chair with the seat woven from old ties (‘Un-tie chair, 2009; by Peter Raphael Russo).

Rag Rug

Also, in the same category as ‘I’ve got lots of old fabric/clothes and I don’t know what to do with it….’; here’s the idea of creating a Rag Rug. Sounds very crafty (next thing you know I suggest quilting), but I thought it was a pretty good idea. Seems very straight forward anyway. Here’s the full work plan.