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About variety, adventure and staying true to yourself

We go through most of our lives wondering "what we will be when we grow up...", what to do next, whether what we have chosen to do is actually making us happy...and how we can make the necessary changes. I don't know many people who are just happy with their lives, do you? Everyone is always chasing the next thing. Did you ever write lists down of goals and dreams you have for yourself? Or when going through rollercoasters in life? I find it can be very therapeutic and organises your mind when you feel overwhelmed.

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Finding patterns and textures: mindful walking, get inspired and create calm

We are all so busy rushing from home to work and back, dropping off the kids, picking them back up, going home, cooking dinner, bath time, bed time, squeezing in an exercise class if we're organised, and then it all start again the next morning. Ground hog day. Days fly by, life seems monotonous, we're being lived by our never ending to-do-list. Sounds familiar? I bet it does.

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The therapeutic qualities of colour and light

Two weeks since we moved to Spain and so far so good! In between the hectic times of organising our new life as an expat, I have discovered the little perks of living in a warmer climate. Cycling! Oh my, how I've missed cycling. I don't mean sporty cycling in lycra on a racer or a mountain bike, no, just using a bicycle to go from A to B. To do the shopping, to take the kids to school. In just a thin jacket.

Social media anxiety and how Instagram will not make you rich overnight (don’t give up that day job yet)

Have you noticed the increasing amount of ads on your timeline about online business coaches and bloggers trying to convince you how to make a lot of money quickly? I recently came across this blog post by Australian copywriter Jay Crisp Crow, about the fairytale of female bloggers apparently getting rich overnight, and I wanted to share … Continue reading Social media anxiety and how Instagram will not make you rich overnight (don’t give up that day job yet)