Colourful umbrellas against a blue sky

The therapeutic qualities of colour and light

Two weeks since we moved to Spain and so far so good! In between the hectic times of organising our new life as an expat, I have discovered the little perks of living in a warmer climate. Cycling! Oh my, how I've missed cycling. I don't mean sporty cycling in lycra on a racer or a mountain bike, no, just using a bicycle to go from A to B. To do the shopping, to take the kids to school. In just a thin jacket.

Valencia, historic city with an edge

This summer my family and I did a house exchange with a lovely family in the city of Valencia, Spain. It was the second time we swapped our house for the holiday and we love this concept. It's personal, you get free accommodation (and pet-care!), insider information and you get to live in a real neighbourhood for a few weeks, rather than a hotel.

The interior makeover of a vintage 1971 Airstream caravan

A few years ago I got the incredibly exciting job to redesign the interior of a 1971 Airstream caravan for a client. Oh my word, what a beautiful shiny silver beast. The interior décor was still in its original state and looking very yellow and dated. My clients wanted something fresh, ‘Scandi’ style, and they asked for the colours orange and mustard yellow to be in it as well as some retro patterns without going overboard.